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μPhase® interferometers offer objective and precise measurement results of surface and wavefront measurements - quickly and reliably.

μPhase® interferometers are compact, small and lightweight digital tools which can be used in almost any working environment. These measuring devices are perfectly complemented by the μShape™ measurement and analysis software to fulfill the highest expectations of quality management.

The μPhase® Interferometer systems are used for measuring specular high precision components made of glass, plastic, metal or ceramic etc. The non-contact measurement method prevents damage to the sample under test, and gives the most exact evaluation of the entire surface or wavefront.

TRIOPTICS offers μPhase® interferometers as self-contained modular parts as well as predefined turnkey solutions.

More information about Twyman-Green und Fizeau-Interferometers.

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    설명글 Customized Interferometer Systems
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    설명글 The µPhase® UNIVERSAL is the most flexible interferometer solution in a horizontal setup.
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    설명글 The µPhase® VERTICAL is designed for flexible measurements of flat, spherical, cylindrical, toric and aspheric surfaces and wave fronts and radius
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    설명글 The µPhase® SPHERO UP systems enable testing of spherical surfaces in an extremely compact setup
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    설명글 The µPhase® PLANO UP systems enable flatness testing in an extremely compact setup. Best suitable for production use.
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    설명글 The µPhase® PLANO DOWN systems offer flatness testing in a very compact design
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    설명글 The µPhase® Sensor is part of all high-precision TRIOPTICS interferometry solutions
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