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    설명글 The Nanoform® X is designed to increase productivity and ease of use in the diamond turning, milling, and grinding of optical lenses, mold inserts, mirrors, and precision mechanical components. The machine can be conf...
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    설명글 The Nanoform® Xtc is capable to generating surfaces under 5 nm Sa and 150 nm PV. Compared to traditional grinding, a part requiring minimum post polishing can be made in minutes instead of hours. ...
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    설명글 This revolutionary, flood coolant compatible 2 to 5-axes ultra precision freeform machine is designed for diamond turning and deterministic freeform milling and grinding for the most challenging applications. Common a...
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    설명글 Do you need the flexibility of a large frame lathe and the quality of a small frame lathe? The Nanoform® 700 ultra has an industry leading surface finish spec of 1 nm Ra. Its unique 700 mm swing and optional 170 kg lo...
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    설명글 Whether you need to manufacture large parts today, have the flexibility to adapt to future market requirements, or simply save valuable tool setting time. The Nanoform® L 1000 has the largest swing capacity of any sta...
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    설명글 Whether you need to manufacture a freeform part today or want the flexibility for future market requirements, the Freeform L is precisely the machine you need. Precitech has added an innovative vertical axis to our fi...
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    설명글 Microgroove generator for machining grooves on flat and freeform surfaces. Typical applications: Retroreflective film molds; street signs, highly reflective clothing, automotive reflectors, LED lighting applications; ...
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    설명글 Heavy-duty machine platform designed for single point diamond flycutting of plano surfaces in non-ferrous materials requiring optical quality surface and flatness characteristics
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    설명글 The DRL2000/1600 is designed with high load capacity oil bearing spindles and is optimized for the manufacture of large scale production applications. Typical end user markets: Brightness enhancing films; lcd monitors...
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    설명글 The DRL1200 is designed with air bearing spindles which are lower priced, have lower operating costs, and lower error motions. The DRL1200 is built on Precitech’s open frame machine base and is optimized for small sca...
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    설명글 The DRL600 is designed with air bearing spindles which are lower priced, have lower operating costs, and lower error motions. The DRL600 is built on Precitech’s common large frame machine base and is optimized for R&a...
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    설명글 The Optoform® 40 is an ultra precision lathe for manufacturing contact lenses or intra-ocular lenses. It’s designed to provide ultra smooth motion, the air bearing slideways utilize linear motor technology with ultram...
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    설명글 Optoform® 80 is the ultimate machine for the manufacture of any Intra – Ocular and Contact Lens designs. This compact 2-axis, linear motor, continuous path, ultra precision, computer controlled contouring machine is d...
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    설명글 DIFFSYS® is a Windows® program for the generation of optical surfaces on precision CNC machines, particularily diamond-turning machines.
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    설명글 PEPS II-VX is a digital non-contacting, height control and active vibration isolation system developed by Precitech in collaboration with the vibration experts at TMC. It is exclusively available as a retrofit on Precitech machines in the field and as...
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    설명글 Precitech’s ASD-H25 and ASD-Cx high speed air-bearing ultra precision tooling spindles by Levicron are available in two configurations: ASD-Cx features a pneumatically operated collet system, and, the ASD-H25 features an industry standard, HSK25...
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    설명글 Spindle shafts are centerless ground on a high precision Studer CNC grinding machine allowing us to grind the OD of the shaft and faces of the thrust journal in one setup. This ensures squareness and parallelism virtually eliminating once per revolution..
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    설명글 The HydroRound II hydrostatic oil rotary bearing can be configured to our Nanoform and Drum Roll Lathe machines for tool normal machining. Now with significantly improved position accuracy and enhanced capabilities.
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    설명글 Provides users of Nanoform systems with the ability to field-convert their systems from a two linear axis machine to a three linear axis machine.
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    설명글 Digital and analog on machine options for observation, inspection and measuring.
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    설명글 The Precitech Slow Tool Servo (STS) is used for the rapid manufacture of large departure freeform components on an Ultra Precision Diamond Turning Lathe
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    설명글 The Fast Tool Servo systems enable the diamond turning of surface structures such as micro prisms, lens arrays, torics and off-axis aspheres with departures up to 1000 microns.
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    설명글 ACT is an adaptive-learning, real-time, closed-loop servo control system available exclusively on the AMETEK Precitech UPX control. ACT is superior to traditional PID control methods in use by other machine tool controllers.
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