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High-precision measurements under demanding conditions

Optical applications in the field of aviation and aerospace are varied and complex. Reliability and robustness take top priority for mission components. Typical samples are aerial photograph lenses, lenses for
space applications as well as complex high-resolution telescopes with multiple lenses.

Maximum precision

High-precision measurements are extremely important in the field of aviation and aerospace. For example, it is important to check the quality of images taken with special lenses with mirrors and lenses, so-called catadioptric systems, for use in satellite optics.

Wide spectral range

As well as carrying out measurements in the visible spectrum, measurements in the entire spectral range, from UV to infrared, are required in the field of aviation and aerospace.

Demanding conditions

The lenses used in aviation and aerospace are often exposed to extreme conditions. Reproducible, high-precision measurements of the image quality over a large temperature range are only one of the demands made on optical measurement technology.

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