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defense & security

Experience the difference in crucial missions

Our solutions give you backing. In almost all missions, critical decisions are based on the analysis of sophisticated observation and reconnaissance tasks. High-precision optical systems and components are required for optimum results. For this purpose we offer optical measurement and manufacturing systems for optical components, optical systems and camera modules.

Optical systems for aviation

The importance of unmanned aviation is growing steadily. The systems are achieving ever greater ranges and also have to cope with a wide range of applications. Further requirements are becoming more complex with regard to sighting, target acquisition and reconnaissance systems as well as all-time position detection at day and night. We meet these challenges: for this reason, we pay attention to the stricter quality and precision requirements for all components, in particular for optical imaging and detection systems. Our various devices for the entire spectral range meet the strict requirements of the industry.

Optical systems for ground forces

Portable devices must not only be small and extremely light, they must also be extremely versatile and high-precision. For this reason, optical systems with maximum accuracy are used. We have a wide range of innovative solutions for every area – from high-precision measurement of individual lenses and components to assembly and testing of complex optical systems and camera modules. All instruments are extremely easy to use and set new precision standards in their field.

Optical Systems for the Navy

Military ships and submarines perform complex surveillance tasks. This results in special requirements such as multispectral sighting or precise measurement of positions and speed. Thanks to our decades of experience, one of our greatest strengths is the development of innovative solutions for customer-specific applications. From high-precision measurements and quality assessments for individual lenses for multispectral sightings and recognition systems to the precise adaptation of prisms and other components of complex surveillance systems, TRIOPTICS offers a high standard and customized solutions for military ships and submarines.

Video-insight on IR optics:
Efficient testing throughout the manufacturing process

In this contribution, we present solutions how to make the manufacturing process of IR objective lenses most efficient by using adequate techniques for centration-based alignment testing, IR MTF analysis and non-contact determination of center thicknesses and air spacings.

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