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Electronic Autocollimators

Electronic Autocollimators

TriAngle Electronic Autocollimator

The TriAngle electronic autocollimators are non-contact optical test tools for the high-precision measurement of angular displacements of specular reflective surfaces and the accurate angular alignment of optical or mechanical parts.

TriAngle autocollimators have a versatile modular design which allows them to be fitted with a wide selection of objective tubes, different sensors, reticles and light sources. With objective tubes of different focal lengths and apertures, the optimum measurement solution regarding angle resolution and measurement range is easily found.

To find the right TriAngle for your application please use our TriAngle product finder:

TriAngle autocollimators are available in different application-specific variants:

  • 9
    설명글 The compact and universal electronic autocollimator.
  • 8
    설명글 Electronic autocollimator with very large measuring range
  • 7
    설명글 Electronic autocollimator with large measuring range
  • 6
    설명글 The TriAngle LASER is ideally suited for the measurement of small optical components, surfaces of low reflectivity or long distance measurements.
  • 5
    설명글 The TriAngle NIR electronic autocollimators are commonly used for applications which require measurement at the design wavelength in the NIR
  • 4
    설명글 The TriAngle Focus employs focusing objective tubes for contact-free optical radius measurements.
  • 3
    설명글 The TriAngle HighSpeed is the ideal electronic autocollimator for measurement of vibrations or rapidly moving samples.
  • 2
    설명글 The TriAngle UltraSpec offers high-precision angle measurement systems for extremely high demands on angle resolution and measurement accuracy.
  • 1
    설명글 The most universal electronic autocollimator.


Tilt Angle Measurement
Wedge Angle Measurement
Alignment of Optical Components
Wobble & Vibration Measurement
Penta Prism Measurement
Measurement of Radius of Curvature
45° Prism Error Measurement
90° Prism Error Measurement
Parallel and Straightness Measurement
Squareness Measurement
Rotary Table Calibration
Flatness Measurement


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