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OptiCentric® 101 IR achieves unprecedented accuracy in centration meas…

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TRIOPTICS introduces the new OptiCentric® 101 IR for testing and assembly of infrared lenses using visual as well as mid- and long-wave infrared test wavelengths. It offers an unprecedented accuracy of ≤0.25 µm for measurements in the infrared spectral range. 


Following a complete redevelopment of the optical design for the infrared spectral range, the OptiCentric® 101 IR is now available. The system is an ideal solution for the centration testing of IR lenses, as they are often used in defense and security as well as in aerospace applications. Advantages of the OptiCentric® 101 IR are the high-precision centering inspection in the visual spectral range (VIS) with a measurement accuracy of ≤0.1 µm as well as versatile applications in the mid- and long-wave infrared range (MWIR and LWIR).

Division Manager Dr. Patrik Langehanenberg emphasizes that the measurement accuracy in the IR spectral range has also been significantly increased: “With the new OptiCentric® 101 IR, we now achieve measurement accuracies of ≤0.25 µm for both the MWIR and LWIR spectral ranges. This allows us to meet the greatly increased requirements of our customers and is a big step ahead of all other systems available on the market.”

The system uses the test wavelength optimally matched to the lens material, the coating and the measurement task for all processes required in optics production. These processes include the inspection of individual lenses, the assembly of lenses and the complete optomechanical characterization of the entire lens system. Whereas in infrared centering measurement systems one IR measuring head was always added to one VIS system up to now, in OptiCentric® 101 IR all three measuring heads – for visual, medium-wave as well as long-wave infrared spectral range – can now be installed in one compact tabletop device for the first time. “These systems are extremely versatile and the combined design allows for an attractive price,” explains Sales Team Leader Nicole Prell. “Research institutes that want to be particularly flexible for different types of objective lenses are also happy to accept the combination of VIS, MWIR and LWIR.” Care was taken to integrate all the measuring heads used into the software OptiCentric® 9 in such a way as to ensure intuitive and simple operation. The compact design of the entire system – regardless of the configuration – also allows space-saving use in all workplaces.

“One of the main components for measurements in the mid- and long-wave infrared spectral range is the quantum cascade laser, which guarantees durable and maintenance-free use,” explains Patrik Langehanenberg. “This powerful laser, which operates at wavelengths of 4.05 µm or 9.15 µm, can also be used to measure lenses with strong anti-reflective coatings.”

For complete optomechanical characterization of lenses, OptiCentric® 101 IR can also be combined with the OptiSurf® or OptiSurf® IR. OptiSurf® is the only solution worldwide for direct measurement of air gaps and center thicknesses in IR optics and can thus optimally support the design of a lens.


OptiCentric® 101 IR achieves an unprecedented accuracy of ≤0.25 µm for measurements in the IR spectral range.


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